About Me

About Me (the owner);

Name; Julie
Birthday; July SE7ENth ^^
Nationality; Filipino/Asian
Contact; shinbob92@yahoo.com

Other sites made by me (be sure to check them out!);
SweetxMelodies & Infinity Forums

How I got to love Se7en & KPOP;
Well it all started when my sisters told me to look up Shinhwa on google, this was way before I got into kpop. So then I was like what? Shinbob? I was just joking around, and that’s how I got my email btw, haha. Anyways, then I heard about DBSK from my sister cause the first video we saw of theirs was ‘Somebody to Love’ one of their Japanese songs ❤ so then we thought they were Japanese, but then when we saw more of their videos we found out they were Korean, and that’s how that started, lol. Then later on I heard about Rain and I was in love with his music and his body ;D haha. So as I was watching and searching for Rain videos on youtube, I came across a Se7en video, and I heard about how he was always compared to Rain. So I watched some of his videos and fell in love. Then sometime in 2006 I joined my first forum dedicated to a korean group which was for Super Junior, heard from it from one of my friends, haha. So I joined because she told me to, and now I have a love for SJ. And the rest is history…. LOL. (not really XD)



11 Responses to About Me

  1. Julie~~~ I was just wondering… Where did the forum go? lol.

  2. julie says:

    Oh I closed it since it was really inactive, and this blog is better since anyone can comment and stuff XD

  3. ~MiCo~ says:

    wow I was so suprised that you’re a filipino too.. ^^,

  4. Bobokam says:

    Hi Julie,

    did you join the Official community on the YG family website?
    Is that where all the nice picture came from??

    I was trying to join as a foreign member….but when I was in Step 1 (Foreign identification) I filled in al the info and browse for the id card pic as it asked for. and tried to click confirm, but it never bring me to the next step. Nothing happened after i click the button. Do u know why? Was it like that when you joined?

  5. julie says:

    Hi Bobokam,
    I did try to join the official community, but didn’t or I couldn’t, cause I think I had the same problem… I don’t remember, lol… but I get my info/pics from other fansites. ^^

  6. K-Holic says:

    i have add you to doraedae-attack as author :]

    check out ya.

  7. lovebigbang4ever says:

    omg how do i add u as a friend

  8. iv3kr says:

    hey julie! >;D

    hahha comparing between rain and se7en… i would pick se7en ^^
    i love both but se7en is prettier. xD

  9. pu2t says:

    hai….. bonsoir…….
    you from filipino??????? i’m surprise.
    i think you from indonesia???

  10. pu2t says:


  11. ace dy says:

    thank you or this blog about se7en! i am glad you have this site to talk about se7en and all his works. i was never into kpop until last year and thanks to your blog i am loving se7en every minute! really do appreciate all your hardwork and efforts in entertaining and giving tidbits of info about se7en. what will we do without you?! thank you so much!

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