[ANNOUNCEMENT] Lucky Se7en Tumblr!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I probably won’t be updating this blog anymore. I’ve been on tumblr most of the time, it’s just easier to update and it’s fast. So if you want quick updates on Se7en, go to luckse7en.tumblr.com!



[NEWS] Se7en thanks fans on Twitter

Singer Se7en who has made a comeback in Korea after 3 years and 8 months shows his gratitude for fans on Twitter.

On the 31st July, Se7en tweeted “Thank you Lucky Se7en! I’m so full! Thanks^^” Se7en’s official fanclub name is Lucky Se7en and this was a message to his fans who sent him presents on this day. Together with his message he also uploaded a photo of the food he received.

On the 4th August at about 6pm, Se7en tweeted again “Ah… I didnt upload this yet… this was from Sunday…TT It was really delicious~Thank you Bourgeouis!” [Note: Bourgeouis is a section within Farineli only for noona fans] And together with this tweet, he uploaded the photo of the food he received.

In response to this, fans have said things such as “I’m very proud to be your fan” and “Gather strength and please work hard on stage!”

News source – Newsen
translated by Cecilia



Hello everyone, just made two banners this time, too lazy to do SE7EN like I did last year… hehe. & these aren’t that great… but the first one is just a collage of old/new/recent pics of Se7en. and the second one is him inviting you to a happy party at his house ;D haha. Enjoy! ^^

Click them for better view!

idea just came to me, when I saw the picture, lol.
it would be cool if he really invited us to his house! XD

well there you go… that’s it ^^
Hope you all have a HAPPY SE7EN DAY! ;D