[MV] Se7en – I’m Going Crazy (Starring Park Han Byul)

Hey guys, I’m know I’m kinda late on posting this here, but I’ve posted it earlier on my Lucky Se7en tumblr… I’ve been busy with school, so updating may be really slow, there are other great and fast sources on Se7en, the best one is Cecilia’s Blog!

I may or may not continue updating this site, but for now I’ll be on hiatus… sorry to disappoint, but just want to say thank you to all of my visitors and people who leave comments 🙂

– Julie


[PERF] 100905 Digital Bounce on Inkigayo

[PERF] 100905 Digital Bounce Music Core (Incheon Korean Wave Concert)

[PICS] Se7en on Strong Heart

credit: SBS + Cecilia

Dancing ‘Better Together’

[PERF] 100829 Se7en on Inkigayo

Digital Bounce

Copyright Song

[SHOW] 100818 Se7en on Golden Fishery (eng subbed)

subbed by Cecilia
Please credit Cecilia properly!

[PERF] 100827 Se7en on Music Bank