[INFO+PICS] Se7en on Golden Fishery

Korea’s representative Dancing King who has returned to Kpop industry after 3 years!
Se7en – the legend idol who has returned, changed from a boy to a man
What is the dilemma that he has for the knee drop guru?
“My personality seems to be too optimistic..what should I do?”

From the Behind story of how he became part of the YG Family~
His story about being neighbours with Seo Tae ji revealed!!

His frank and honest feelings towards his American debut!
And.. revealing for the first time, the full story to his 8 year relationship with Park Han Byul

The 27 year old young man – Se7en, his success and frustration, and his challenges!
To the truths hidden behind the glamour~ let’s go!

All credits to MBC
translation by Cecilia

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[PIC] The upgraded version of the se7en glowstick

The upgraded version of the se7en glowstick

The so called “upgraded version” is in fact an upgraded bag for the Se7en glowstick, so that it will be easier to ‘use and store’ (quote hello7).

They have it available on yesasia. (:

thanks to Se7en Blog for the info

LOL, it’s cute! I just want it to have xD

[PROJECT] Joint International YG Family Project: “It’s A YG Baby”


As most of you know, the leader of YGE, the big boss aka Mr. Yang Hyun Suk/Yang Goon, will be welcoming a new bundle of joy to his “YG Family.” We are hosting a project dedicated to YG’s first child, called “It’s a YG Baby,” and would love the participation of all YG fans, not just blackjacks. One of our goals is to connect with as many international YG-related fans to contribute messages for a message book to Mr. YG, his fiance [Eun Joo from Swi.T], and unborn child.


[TUMBLR] Lucky Se7en

Hey guys I made a tumblr called Lucky Se7en, it’s mostly to spam about Se7en, but I’ll also be posting updates on there, too! So follow it if you have a tumblr! ^^


Se7en, homesick?

From a BoA article…

Recently, BoA heard that Se7en, who is also advancing to the U.S., has been suffering from depression. “I have a lot of staff members around me, so in my case, it’s not as hard. Anyways, I think that living far away from your home is difficult and makes you lonely.

I hope Se7en is okay. I hope he doesn’t get sick… he’s working so hard! but he needs to rest, too! Stay healthy Oppa!

You can read the whole article HERE.

Site: http://www.BoAjjang.com
News Update: suejinners(BoAjjang.com)
Writeup/Editing: suejinners(BoAjjang.com), kuraudo(BoAjjang.com)
News/Image Source: sportskhan

Se7en & BoA encouraging each other…

First post of 2009~! ^^

source: Yonhap
credit: heygingersnap@soompi

heygingersnap shared this on Se7en’s soompi thread; it’s from an article of BoA….

“I have a friendship with Se7en since now we’re staying in Los Angeles, and we’ve spoken together in phone calls. We have conversations encouraging each other, like ‘What are you doing,’ and ‘English is not difficult.’ …………… It’s important to have good friends in the U.S.”

That makes me really excited to know that they’re talking to each other and encouraging each other, since they’re both trying to debut in the US. It would be cool if they did a song together, don’t you all think so? haha. It’s just some of the article, not the whole article, because it’s in Korean, so yeahh… haha.

So how’s everyone doing in the new year? Has it started off good for you? hehe.