Se7en Video Spam!

Since Se7en is making a comeback this year and there are no new news/updates about it yet, I decided to share some old clips of Se7en because I know Lucky7 misses him dearly! LOL. So this post is just full of cute/hot clips of Se7en back in the day. hehe. Enjoy! ❤

Se7en Messing with his hair

Old clip, looks like on a radio show. He’s so cute. LOL.

Se7en Self Cam

You all probably remember this! LOL. Se7en’s self cam, talking to the camera in the tub. Singing and being all cute! LOL. ❤




Wow~ the year is almost over… 2008 went by so fast! Even though Se7en didn’t do much in Korea this year, he has done a lot to prepare for his US debut, which we are all really anticipating! We really wish Se7en good luck in 2009 as he makes his debut in the US. Also in the later half of 2009, we can expect to see some activities from Se7en in Korea, so really looking forward to that as well.

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! This is my message to all the Lucky 7 fans and the people who visit my blog. Just want to thank you all for visiting and leaving your comments. You all keep me motivated to keep this blog in good shape. I am the only one updating this blog, so I might not be able to keep you all fully updated on Se7en, but whenever I see news or anything containing Se7en, I will be sure to post it on this blog for you all to see. I might be looking for a new author to help me keep this blog updated, since I’m still in school. Anyone interested? haha.

Hope you had a good year in 2008, and I hope 2009 becomes a better year for you! ^^

Here’s something to share. It’s the dance clip of Se7en on X-Man in 2006. His perfect timing and his awesome dancing, hehe, and the perfect handstand! Se7en really deserved the SE7EN o’s (passes). haha. Enjoy! ^^

credit: aika2284

Lucky 7 FTW! Se7en HWAITING! ^^
We Are One & Always No. 1! ❤

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. hehe. Thanks for being a supporter/fan of Se7en. I’m sure he really appreciates you 🙂 Well I hope everyone is having or had a wonderful Christmas! Please enjoy this performance featuring Se7en, Big Bang, MC Mong, K.R.Y, SS501, & Brian Joo singing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in Dec. 2006.


Remember This?

Just thought of this while I was on my way to school, lol. I’ll be posting some random videos, pics, etc. of Se7en’s past. I’ll be doing more of these randomly since there’s not that much news on Se7en now-a-days.

So yeah, here’s a video of when Se7en went to New York on TRL with JinuSean and Big Bang ♥ in 2006. Gosh I wish I was there!! xD haha. Oh and it’s just Se7en, the person who uploaded it, cut out the parts when they were talking to JinuSean and Big Bang. Enjoy! ^^ (btw, the video is LQ…)

credit; vash18253