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18 Responses to Affiliates

  1. We have moved for 3months, we are originally called as Starburst, I do see that our starburst affiliate is still at the affiliation area, however, please change our new affiliate banner to stargaze and new link!
    Thank you! se7en club has always been our affiliate.

  2. naty says:

    hello, i would like to change my affiliation button and link if it is possible.
    we use to be the Big Bang Brasil ( but we’ve moved to here’s our new button thank u very much!!

  3. clubse7en says:

    thank you, I’ve already changed both. ^^

  4. naty says:

    thank u very much!!

  5. jess says:

    wow u have so many affiliates..will add you to ours..hope to spread more se7en love..

  6. momovip says:

    wahhhhhhhhhhhhh…talk about socializing more…i see u have many affiliates here…bravo

  7. Angélica says:

    Affiliation pleasse!

  8. How can we submit our affiliation form ? Anyway.. we have added you in our affiliates.. ^^

  9. kholic says:

    would like affiliate with this site!

    banner link:

    u’re link 🙂

  10. kholic says:

    erm sorry.

    give wrong link

    the banner link is

  11. Deondre says:

    Nice site…I would like to be affiliates with your site. My link is and my button link is I will add you and wait for your response. Thanx!!

  12. iv3kr says:

    heyhey(: i want to be linked ! >:]
    name of website: iv3krmusic
    website link:
    banner link:

    I already linked you; ^^

  13. Ronnie says:

    i want to be an affiliate please~. i’ve linked you already.

    site url:
    site banner:

  14. says:

    I would like to be linked please!!!

    Forum link:

    I am adding your affiliate button right now!!
    Thank you~

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