[TWITTER] 100829 New Tweets!

(1) YUJIN_SO : @ianizing 방금 동욱이랑 해피투게더 녹화했어 ㅋ 담에 같이봐 ~
[Note: This is the twitter account of actress So Yoo Jin]
Translation: I just recorded Happy Together with Dongwookie ~keke~ I’ll see you guys together next time~

officialse7en: @YUJIN_SO 팔로우 완료!!! 어젠 수고많으셨어요~ 비 많이 온다.. 안전한 하루 보내길…!!
Translation: Follow completed!! You worked hard yesterday~~ it’s raining alot.. please spend today safely..!!

(2) officialse7en: @cherry4eva84 안녕~ 난 븐이야!! 당신 트윗이 77개라서 팔로우 함!!^^

[Note: cherry4eva84 is the twitter account for actress Lee Da Hae]

Translation: Hey~ I’m ven!! (he uses the last syllable of se7en) I’m following you now because you had 77 tweets!!^^

cherry4eva84: @officialse7en ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그런거였어? 노래가…너무 세련되고 좋음 응원하께^^^
Translation: kekekeke O really?? Your song.. is really trendy and good.. I’ll be cheering for you^^

officialse7en: @cherry4eva84 thanks!! 응원할꺼면 지금 SBS 인기가요를 보세요!!^^
Translation: thanks!! If you’re going to cheer for me watch SBS Inkigayo now!!^^

(3) 즐거운 일요일아침!!! 근데 비가너무많이와… 다들 안전하고 행복한 하루보내시길… Amen…
Translation: Happy Sunday morning!! But it’s really raining too much.. Hope everyone has a safe and happy day..Amen

(4) officialse7en: @misskahi 어제 살짝 반가웠으!! 이따 또 봅시다^^
Translation: It was nice to see you yesterday.. juuuusst a bit!! See you soon again^^

misskahi: @officialse7en 쎄봉님 전 끝나구갑네다 ㅎ 멋진무대 만드시길 화이또~!^^
Translation: Mr. Sebong, I have finished and am leaving now~ hehe~Hope you have a cool performance~!^^

officialse7en: @misskahi 아이고 얼굴도못봤넹 ㅠ 인사도안하고 가시는군요 후배님 버릇이없으십니다 ㅋㅋ 조심히 올라가용^^
Translation: Aigoo couldnt even see your face TT Miss junior (as in hoobae), you left without greeting me, you have such bad manners~ keke~ Have a safe trip back^^

(5) (Carrying on from yesterday from Dongwookie’s tweet about how he think drinking makguli on rainy days is the best)

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 술두 못먹는것들이.. 위액좀 토하게 해줘?!?!?
Translation: You guys who cant even drink.. Should I vomit some gastric juices for you?

officialse7en: @WAWASOUL 훗……. 이사람 안되겠고만…? 오늘 막방이니까 무대에서 바지벗어~~
Translation: hmpf… there’s really a problem with this person..? Since today is the last stage (he’s referring to Hurricane Venus), take your pants off on stage~~

(6) Sj861117sj: @officialse7en 형오늘빠이팅!ㅋ 디지털보ㅑ운~~
Translation: Hyung fighting for today!!keke Digital Bounce~

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj 디지털쑈ㅑ운~~ ^^ U TOO BRUH!!
Translation: Digital Sound~~ ^^ U TOO BRUH!!



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