[PICS+INFO] 100829 Making of Copyright Song – SBS Inkigayo

Where is this? Although it looks as if it’s on the set of a music video..

It is the set of Se7en’s VTR for the Copyright song!! Large scale Se7en VTR which reminiscent of a music video~

Wooooo~ Se7en going to work (?) looking cool! This is the new YG office! This time round, the VTR was shot at YG’s new office and we can see the very YG interior of the place!

Thanks to the dancers who took part as well!

A style which is unique to Se7en , a sound unique to Se7en… in the midst of recording the Copyright song

And!!!!! You will be able to see the many varied expressions of Se7en!! Just to give you a glimpse…


Now! Se7en is experiencing a songwriter’s pain!

Feeling it~~Yeah

Through the VTR this time round, you will see Se7en’s cool image and his laidback side – many different expressions!

Do not download illegally… you guys will watch the show live right?

Illegal downloads! X!!!

Alright, so this week! Inkigayo! Se7en’s copyright song VTR! Digital Bounce!

All translations by Cecilia
From SBS Inkigayo site


2 Responses to [PICS+INFO] 100829 Making of Copyright Song – SBS Inkigayo

  1. Mrs.ClayChoi says:

    I have two question.Was wondering if you could answer them.
    What do you mean by VTR? What does that stand for?

    and also,Just been wondering since i saw the dancers,are those the same dancers he had before?You know,back when he did Hikari and songs like that.As a long time fan,I’ve seen alot of Se7en live performances and concert videos.I was wondering if those are the same dance crew that dance with him back on 7/47 concert and the concet in japan?

    • julie says:

      I think VTR stands for Video Tape Recorder; I guess they’re just talking about Se7en’s video that he made for the copyright song… sorry I’m not so sure myself, lol…

      The girls I know for sure are some of the same dancers, not all of them though… I just know that some of the girl dancers are the ones from before (:

      Hope I answered your questions correctly, hehe.

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