[TWITTER] 100827 New Tweets!

(1) 좋은아침!! 난 뮤직뱅크 리허설 하러 가는길~!! 오늘은 “디지털 뱌~운스” 하하

Translation: Good morning!! I’m on my way to music bank rehearsal~! Today is “Digital Boun~ce” Haha

eru_Ndrew: @officialse7en 수고해~

Translation: Work hard~

officialse7en: @eru_Ndrew 오 드라이 빼는 능력자!!

(Unfortunately I cant provide a translation for this one, I only know half the sentence, I have no clue what he’s referring to)

(2) Retweet: officialse7en: Hwangssabu 황싸부 생일입니다!^^ 축하해주세요~

Translation: Hwangssabu: It’s Hwangssaby’s birthday!^^ Please wish me happy birthday~

officialse7en: @Hwangssabu 아까 진작 말씀하시징~ 뽀뽀라도 날려드리는건데^^ 까비~~ happy b’day ssabu!!!

Translation: You should have told just then~ I would have at least given you a kiss^^ Ggabi~happy b’day ssabu!!

(3) jhs7987: 일찍 퇴근해서 바득이랑 함께 치.맥.골 ㅋㅋ 캬~ 씐나씐나+_+!!!! http://photonui.com/3Tq

Translation: Finishing work early today, I’m having chicken, beer (and i dont know the 3rd thing) with Ba deuk~ keke ~~ahhh So exciting+_+!!

officialse7en: @jhs7987 헉… 하악하악… 헥헥~~~ 나도 치맥… ㅠㅠ 근데 바득이는 누구냣!?

Translation: Heuk… ahhhh…hehe~~ I also want chicken and beer…TT btw who is ba deuk??



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