[PIC+INFO] 100824 Recording of ‘Late Night Variety’

Credits on photo

Not going to translate the fan accounts coz there’s too much translation waiting for me… just briefly.. Dongwookie participated in the filming of Late Night Variety (variety show) last night. The special ep had a segment about blood donation so fans as well as celebrities took part in the blood donation. Dongwookie went through the medical check procedures but could not give blood in the end (the exact cause is not certain). Fans who donated blood got to get up close to him, shaking hands.. some were interviewed as well.. The latter half of the show had Dongwookie performing 2 songs – Better Together and Passion. The fans who donated blood were able to sit in the front to watch. He wore the same clothes as he did at the Open concert but during the first song, the belt he was wearing kept coming down (coz he was too skinny-_-) and he kept pulling it back up.. he couldnt stop smiling at himself because of that and got rid of the belt altogether for the 2nd song..

Not much to tell but yeah… what a nice pic huh?^^

credit to Cecilia for the info

*NOTE: I think the reason why he couldn’t give blood is because he has a tattoo; cause I remember some of my friends couldn’t donate blood because they have a tattoo.


One Response to [PIC+INFO] 100824 Recording of ‘Late Night Variety’

  1. bombaebiased says:

    unfortunately people with tattoos could not donate blood… common knowledge for health care workers ^_^ i’m a nursing student WHO LOVES SE7EN AND YG!! ❤

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