[INFO] 100821 Se7en, “TOP is the funniest YG Family member”

Se7en who came back with his new song “Better together”, chose BIG BANG T.O.P as the funniest member in YG Family.

He said, “I’m the best on TV shows but in fact, the funniest member in YG Family is T.O.P, not either Daesung or Seungri.” He also added, “He is the funniest, not in front of the camera. He is just so funny in private, just with us.”

Se7en also said that he envy BIG BANG. He said, “I envy the idols these days“, “I think it’s because I’m on the stage alone.” Added, “I am satisfied with my age now, but I think it is better when I was younger.”

Another hot issue for today was Se7en’s new hairstyle. He said, “It’s called “the hair licked by a cow”, I think it’s good.” He just smiled without an answer when the another interviewer, Choi Hwajung asked about what his girl friend Park Hanbyul said about it.

However, Se7en got more than 8 thousand cheering replies to do a mission. It was to show his tattoo on his arm, and he finally did.

Translated by & credit:HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com


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