[INFO] 100820 Se7en’s favorite dancers are…

Se7en recently made an appearance on Choi Hwajung’s ‘Power Time Radio,’ and during this session, he was asked to name his favorite Korean dancers.

The singer first began by saying, “For males, Se7en. […] I’m joking. Nah, I’m not joking (laughs).” Choi Hwajung then asked him to name a couple of female dancers; Se7en appeared to feel that he still had a few more male dancers to nominate, so he added Big Bang’s Taeyang and was about to list one more name before he was cut off and again asked to name a few girls.

Girls…BoA, who recently came back,” replied Se7en.And Afterschool’s Gahee-sshi.” As an afterthought, Se7en threw in the name he seemed to have been trying to say earlier: “Park Jaebum, too.

Choi Hwajung agreed with Se7en’s responses, noting that he too felt that Jay is a great dancer.

Source: audio
Translation: hazyfiasco@2oneday.com
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com


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