[MSG] 100819 Se7en leaves a message on Farineli

After the broadcast of Golden Fishery, Dongwookie left a msg on the “From Se7en” section of farineli, Se7en’s Fancafe.

Title: Is everyone ok…

Watching the show, the first thought that entered my head…
was how our Lucky Se7en would look at me..

The recording took nearly 5 hours but only 50 minutes was remained after editing..
I am sad that I was only able to express my gratitude and love for Lucky Se7en with only 1 sentence..

Of course since the show was produced for the public to watch, rather than showing the content that Lucky se7en would be interested in watching, the show centred more on gossip. Although I had expected this already, I am still sad about this so I came to leave a msg here to express my heart…

Although I cant ask for the understanding from everyone person by person, I’m going to try to lift the burden off my heart a little. Putting aside what I may have lost or gained through the show, I want to now come closer to everyone in a more honest and dignified way!! Since there are now no more secrets between me and Lucky Se7en^^

Thanks to the cool Lucky Se7en, lately I’m really enjoying promoting the album^^

Actually, at the moment, because the father of a YG manager has just passed away, I just drank a bit of soju. I’m on my way back now and writing this with my phone so I might be rambling on.. but I want to go to sleep knowing at least for myself, that I have expressed my heart a bit.

It’s been a long time since i’ve done radio shows so please tune in tomorrow.. Please watch out for my upcoming activities!! Thank you very much!! I love you^^



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