[NEWS] 100818 Se7en, “After I revealed my relationship with Park HanByul, 10K fans left”

Singer Se7en talks about his feelings regarding coming clean with his love relationship with Park HanByul of 8 years.

Se7en on was MBC Golden Fishery – The Knee-Drop Guru aired on 18th August. And talked about his coming clean with his love relationship with Park HanByul on his minihompy last June.

Se7en said, “Fans’ responses were split. Half of them were like ‘Thank you for telling us even though it came late. It is better than meeting this girl and that girl’. While another half were like ‘I’m disappointed in you. This is similar to Kwon SangWoo when he revealed on this show previously when he was here. He said his fanbase count dropped in just one morning. For me, my fan count dropped from 260K to 160K.”

“Yang HyunSeok hyung thought positively about my coming clean with a post online. He also confessed about his love relationship on our official homepage in March.”

S:NEwsen + KBites

Another article from Allkpop

Earlier this month, photos of Se7en and his girlfriend actress Park Han Byul attracted a lot of attention.

On August 18th, Se7en appeared on the latest MBC Golden Fishery Knee-Drop Guru episode and talked about his long-time relationship with his girlfriend.

During the show, he sent a video message to Park Han Byul saying,

“Byul. Always being next to each other, cheering for each other and having known each other for a long time with good feelings for one another… I think of it as a blessing… I think your unchanging warm heart was a big help. Thank you always. I love you.”

Se7en is currently active in Korea with his electronic hip hop song Better Together.

I don’t get why fans get so mad about their fav. celebs being in a relationship; they have their own life, so let them be.


4 Responses to [NEWS] 100818 Se7en, “After I revealed my relationship with Park HanByul, 10K fans left”

  1. joie23ss10 says:

    i always admire se7en, even bef0re he revealed his relati0nship with park han byul, i’m very happy that se7en and han byul are g0ing str0ng,

  2. Mrs.ClayChoi says:

    I have to say i dont think its completely the fact that Se7en is dating that makes everyone mad.I love Se7en no matter what,but in a way its as if he was lying to his fans.He had his fans to believe he was single for 8 years,and even lied about it multiple times.I just wished that if he was going to be dating some one,to NOT wait HELLA years,before telling us.It may seem like a simple lie,caring lie maybe,I dont know about you,but I dont like to be lied to,especially for that long over something that wasnt worth lying over.Either way,I love Se7en and support him whether he’s with her or not.I just dont get why the hell dont get married though?ha.I mean,8 years of dating?GET MARRIED!they minus well be married for that long.damn.

  3. Anu says:

    I love both of them.. Best wishes for them.. I don’t mad that he lied his fans..
    because he want protect his love..

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