[TWITTER] 100815 New Tweets

절대 내눈을 먼저 보려주지 않으려해.. 떨리는 내맘을 들켜버릴것만같거든.. 그래.. 난 항상 썬그라스를 쓰지 이제 나에게 두려움 따윈 존재하질 않아… 훗!!! 자 이제 시작해볼까??

Translation: I dont intend to show my eyes first at all.. because it’s as if my shaking heart will be exposed.. that’s right.. I always wear sunglasses… Now, fear does not even exist anymore.. Heut!!So, should we start now?

WAWA and Jo Sung Min reply to Se7en

WAWASOUL: @officialse7en 그래 맞아… 나도 항상 썬그라스를쓰지.. 닮고싶다.. 닮고싶다.. 닮고싶다.. 겉모습을 닮을수있지만.. 너의고음은 어떻한단말이지.. 닮고싶다.. 닮고싶다.. 닮고싶다.. http://twitpic.com/2ewn25

Translation: That’s right.. I always wear sunglasses as well.. I want to be like you.. want to be like you.. want to be like you.. although I can only be like you in terms of appearance..what do i do if i want to sing high notes like you!! Want to be like you.. want to be like you..want to be like you

Jsmining: @WAWASOUL 세븐 너를 질투하다 난 항상 꿈을 꾸지 세븐이 되는 찬란하고 그 화려한 꿈을 ……너와 함께 베러투게더 http://tweetphoto.com/39093019

Translation: Se7en, i’m jealous of you.. I always dream this dream – becoming Se7en and shine like him.. that glamorous dream… Better Together with you

officialse7en: @Jsmining @wawasoul 훗..이런 따라쟁이들 같으니라고!!!!!

Translation: Heut… You copycats!!

misskahi: @WAWASOUL @officialse7en 둘다 정신 안차려????!!!! ㅋㅋ

Translation: You guys, are you going to get a grip on yourselves or what???!! keke

officialse7en: @misskahi 아………… 미안^^

Translation: Ah…… sorry ^^

All translations by Cecilia


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