[TWITTER] Se7en’s new tweets! + Bonus farineli msg

(1) nicaaa_x: @officialse7en tweet something in english dude.

officialse7en: @nicaaa_x did u say DUDE!?!???!? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha ~~~~ good one!!!!

(2) ianizing: @officialse7en 오 동욱! 무릎팍 나오는거야? ㅋㅋ 꼭 볼게~! 방송 언제야??

Translation: Oh Dongwook! You’re coming out on Knee drop? keke I’m definitely watching it~!When’s the broadcast?

officialse7en: @ianizing 방송은 다음주인듯~ 암튼 c ya sooon~

Translation: The broadcast is next week~ Anyway c ya sooon~

(3) ganzi78:태국너무 재밌다 히히^^i luv thailand~

Translation: Thailand is so fun hehe^^ i luv thailand~

officialse7en: @ganzi78 딴짓하지말고 일만 열심히 하라니까!!!!? 나라망신 시키지 말고 쫌!!!!! Alright!? Good luck ma man~ Ghost shoes!! haha

Translation: Dont do anything else, i’m telling you to only work hard on your work!!!? Dont embarrass the country!!! Alright!? Good luck ma man~ Ghost shoes!!haha

ganzi78: @officialse7en 나여기서 너노래pr만하고다녀 ㅋㅋ 뻥안치고^^근데 아직인기안죽었는데?너좋아하는사람들이 좀있다 ㅋ

Translation: All I’m doing here is promoting your song keke ~ I’m not lying^^ But your popularity hasnt died here? There are some people who like you ~keke

officialse7en: @ganzi78 “좀”있다고!??? 이건뭐 칭찬이야 약올리는거야!!?!!!! 쳇…

Translation: There are ‘some’? (Note: @ganzi78 actually said it in a way which meant just a little) Are you trying to praise me or comfort me!!??!!Ch….

(4) satang77: @officialse7en this is DIGITAL BOUNCE cd ordered by Thaifans ^^ http://twitpic.com/2dfoh9

officialse7en: @satang77 thank u so much!!!! I really miss all of u guyz~ Plz tell everyone that i really miss thai!!! Hope to c u soon!!!

(5) 창 밖엔 비가 부슬부슬 내리고..나는 속초를 향해 달려가고 있다.. 잠은오지않고 아이팟에서 들려오는 따뜻한 힙합 808 드럼소리만이 내 친구가 되어 긴여행을 함께해준다…!! (허세글 이렇게 쓰는거 맞아!??? ㅋㅋㅋ 나도 이제 허세븐!!^^)

Translation: Outside the window, the rain is falling softly.. I’m heading to Sokcho… Sleep is not settling in and only the warm sound of the hip hop 808 drums coming from my Ipod is accompanying me on this long journey as my friend..!! (Is this how you write show off messages?? kekeke I’m also Show off ven now!!^^)

BoA_1105: @officialse7en 나도 가고있는뎅 ㅎㅎ 이따봐^^

Translation: I’m on my way too hehe~ See you in a bit^^

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 굿~ 난 허세놀이중인데 너도 같이할래? ㅋ

Translation: Good~ I’m playing the Show off game.. you want join? keke

BoA_1105: @officialse7en 그게 모야?! 오빠 허세븐된거야?! ㅋㅋ

Translation: What’s that? Has oppa turned into Show off ven?! keke

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 아 속초가는길인데 너무 심심해서 잠깐 정신이 이상해졌었나봐~ 미안 허뤼허뤼케인비네쓰!!!^^

Translation: Ah..I’m on my way to Sokcho.. I’m too bored so it seems I went mentally weird for a bit..Sorry Hurri Hurricane Venus!!!^^

BoA_1105: @officialse7en 여기까지왔는데 회챙겨드삼^^ 베러투게둬~~~~^^

Translation: Since you’ve come all the way here, make sure you have some sashimi ^^ Better Together^^

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 끝나자마자 바로올라갈지도몰라.. 회먹을 시간도 없어 ㅠ 너가 좀 싸다주라^^

Translation: I dont know but I might have to leave as soon as it finishes..I have no time to eat sashimi TT You buy some for me^^

BoA_1005: @officialse7en 난 먹었지롱~~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Translation: I already ate~ 😛 kekeke

officialse7en: @BoA_1105 오빠꺼 설마 안싸온건 아니지?? 이따봐!!^^

Translation: Dont tell me you didnt buy for oppa? See you soon!!^^

(6) Jsmining: @officialse7en 동욱이와 바로옆자리에 앉아 떠나는 길 그러나 우린 서로아무밀이없다 다만 잿빛회색하늘아래 에릭베넷 목소리만이 우릴하나로 이어줄뿐 단지 그것뿐이다

Translation: I’m sitting right next to Dongwookie on our way.. but we are not saying anything to each other..Under the grey skies, Eric Benet’s voice is the only thing that is connecting and making us into one

officialse7en: @Jsmining 당신의 말이 맞아…에릭베넷의 섬세한 목소리.. 그 소리만이 우릴 이어주는 유일한 끈이지.. 그의 따사로운 소리에 비하면 내목소린 그저 낡은 초가집 찌그러진 양은냄비속 탄 누룽지와도같아.. 쳇… 담배따윈 피우지않았는데..

Translation: @Jsmining Your words are right..Eric Benet’s delicate voice.. we are only connected through that voice..Compared to his warm voice, my voice is like the burnt nurungi (Note: crusty overcooked rice, like the bits at the bottom when u eat a dolsot bibimbap) found in a crushed metal pot in an old thatched house..chh..and i dont even smoke

(7) Dasomeee: @officialse7en 베투랑 아임고잉크레이지 아카버젼 노래샀는데~~~~ 그저 낡은 초가집 찌그러진 양은냄비속 탄 누룽지와도같은 목소리가 이런 목소리였나요??? 난 이목소리가 제일좋다!!!

Translation: I bought the accapella versions of Better Together and I’m going crazy~~Was this the voice that sounded like nurungi from a crushed pot found in an old thatched house?? I like this voice the best!!

officialse7en: @Dasomeee 오 아카펠라가 떳단말야? 굿~ 나도 사야지^^

Translation: Oh are you saying that the accapella came out~ I need to buy it too^^

(8) iluvasianboiis: @officialse7en i was promoting u in california in venice beach! i printed out digital bounce flyers!

officialse7en: @iluvasianboiis thanks!! I wanna c that pic!!! Hava good one!

(9) pak5024: @officialse7en 난이제답장따위에목메달지않겟음.나도쿨녀가될거니까말리지마셈.나도나싫다는남자필요없어!

Translation: I’m not even going to wish for a reply anymore. I’m going to be a cool girl, so dont stop me. I also dont need a guy who doesnt like me!!

officialse7en: @pak5024 그래 잘생각했다!! 쿨녀!!

Translation: That’s right, it’s good you think that way!! Cool girl!!

(10) ragingcoati: @officialse7en wow you’re online now with your iPhone. Haha me too! I hope you can respond to me- your US fan is getting sleepy! ❤ the EP!

officialse7en: @ragingcoati thanks!! Hava good sleep!! Holla~

(11) __SPY: @officialse7en ENGLISH 😦

officialse7en: @__SPY sorry~ cant type in eng.. Forgot eng already… Ha~

(12) k_yegrina: @officialse7en 하나란여자 이런여자 오빠이번씨디가열네장있음에도불구하고또질러버림 ㅋㅋ총열일곱장..나이제그만사야겠다 ㅠㅠ친구들이제정신아니라고함 ㅋㅋㅋ오빠도그리생각하나

Translation: A girl called Hana is this type of girl.. Oppa, despite having 14 copies of the cd this time, I went to get more keke now there’s a total of 17 copies… I got to stop buying now TT My friends are saying that I’ve lost my mind~keke does oppa think that way too

officialse7en: @k_yegrina 응!! 그거 다 모하게ㅋ 이제 그만 사세요^^

Translation: Eung!! What are you going to do with them all keke ~Stop buying now^^

(13) YouJung77: @officialse7en 아아아아난도제발답글올려주삼사오육칠오빠님ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Translation: Ahhhhhh Please give me a reply, 4 5 6 7 oppa TTTTTT

officialse7en: @YouJung77 귀찮삼사오륙칠!!!

Translation: It’s too troublesome, 4 5 6 7!!!

(14) starlyshop: 너무뜨거워서 완전 패닉상태로 싸인회를.. 앉아있는 저도힘들었는데 오랫동안 서서기다려주신분들 진짜 최고감사해요!!^^여러분들은 최고멋쟁이!!*.* http://yfrog.com/3op5nj http://yfrog.com/g0u8irj

Translation: Because it’s too hot, i attended the autograph session in a panic mode.. I was having a hard time just sitting down, I really thank everyone who stood and waited for a long time!!^^Everyone is the best!!

officialse7en: @starlyshop 덥다며 왠 스카프!?? ㅋㅋ 아 나도 아이스크림이나 먹어야겠당!!!

Translation: You say it’s hot so what’s with the scarf? keke Ah I’m going to eat icecream or something too!

(15) joojoo92: @officialse7en 오빠..진짜저한테는답장보내주기가싫은건가요..난 점하나만찍어보내줘도괜찮은데 난 행복해할수있는데..?????????

Translation: Oppa…do you really dislike sending me a reply…Even if you send me a msg with just a dot it’ll be ok, I’ll be happy…???

officialse7en: @joojoo92 .

(16) 7777Akira777: @officialse7en 여자사람만 좋아라하고 답장써주는 븐이……….. 남팬도 답장써주세요~~ㅠ 휴 이러고있다^^

Translation: You only like replying to girls…. Please reply to male fans too~~ TT Whew.. this is how I am now^^

officialse7en: @7777Akira777 옛다~ 답장!!!

Translation: Yes~ Reply!!!

(17) SusieS_C: @officialse7en hi! how are you today? are you busy? many greetings from switzerland^^

officialse7en: @SusieS_C wow~ switzerland!!! Thanks~ tell everybody that Im checking u guys!!! Hava good one!

(18) starlyshop: @officialse7en 우아!! 너 지굼 다음검색어 1위다! 허세글! 한턱쏴~ 한턱쏴! 난 회말고 꼬기! 꽃핀걸루다가^^

Translation: Oooah!! You’re No 1 on the Daum search engines now! Show off msg (Heo-se-geul)! Treat me a meal~ Treat me a meal! I dont want sashimi but meat!Marbled meat^^

officialse7en: @starlyshop 박한별 공항패션도 검색어 있던데!??! 너가 나 사줘~ 스탈리사장님!!!^^

Translation: I see the search phrase “Park Han Byul airport fashion” as well!!? You treat me~ Starly boss!!^^

(19) misskahi: 무대가넘미끄럽다 애프터스쿨포함오늘 출연하는 모든 가수들 다치지말구 무사히 멋진공연하시길 ㅇ ㅏ멘~~~!!!!

Translation: The stage is too slippery.. Including After school I hope that all the singers performing today can perform smoothly without getting injured~ Amen~~!!!

officialse7en: @misskahi 오 누나~ 방송에선 처음 마주치는건가..?? ^^ 이따봅시다!!

Translation: Oh noona~ Is this the first time that we are meeting on a show..??^^ See you in a bit!!!

misskahi: @officialse7en 난 그대와 좀 차이가 나는 구려 ㅜㅜ 보고시퐈 쎄봉씨~~^^

Translation: I am a bit different from back then TT I want to see you Sebong ssi~~^^

officialse7en: @misskahi 그러게.. 마주치기 힘드넹… 이따 대기할때 콜합시다!!!

Translation: Yeah.. it’s seems that it’s hard for us to bump into each other.. When we’re on standby, let’s call!!

officialse7en: @officialse7en 아~ 번호를 모른다 ㅋㅋ

Translation: Ahh~ I dont know the number kekeke

(20) love_tangle: @officialse7en 이제 찾았다!!! 요즘 활동에 바쁘지!! 그래도 너무 멋지다!!헤어스타일도 너무 이쁘!!! 노래 누나도 매일 들으며 운동하지롱!!

Translation: I found you!! You’re busy lately with your activities arent you! But you look really cool! Your hairstyle is looking really nice!!Noona listens to your song everyday while exercising!!

officialse7en: @love_tangle 우아~~ 엄정화다!!!!!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ 누나~ 팬이에요!!!^^

Translation: Ooooahh~ It’s Uhm Jung Hwa!!!!!!!! kekeke Noona~~I’m your fan!!^^

(21) @misskahi 당신도 여전히 멋지던걸요!! 멤버들도 다들 예쁘고.. 무대 잘봤어^^ 엪터스쿨 홧팅~!!!

Translation: You are just as cool as you used to be!!All the members are pretty… I enjoyed the performance^^ After School fighting~!!


He hasnt left a msg on Farineli for ages and a fan wrote a post saying that she was sad how he seems to have forgotten farineli..that even if he just wrote 7 words it would be good.. this started other fans on leaving msgs with 7 words on the post… and dongwookie actually wrote his 7 word reply as well:

ONE 東: 귀찮아서안쓴다!

Translation: Because it’s too much trouble, so I dont write!

Translated by Cecilia
She worked hard to find and translate these, so please credit her properly!


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