[NEWS] 100812 Se7en “This album is a small gift to my fans”

Se7en, who has returned to fans after 3 long years reveals his thoughts on his new mini album.

Through an interview with Inkigayo ‘Take 7′ August issue, Se7en revealed that he would like to think of this album as some sort of evolution. Through mini album “Digital Bounce”, with new songs, choreography, fashion, style etc, he has shown a strong image. Many have felt the difference from the standard and even find this new Se7en a bit strange.

“Even though through this album I’ve have shown a new appearance but this is not something totally new but rather I worked hard to show a transformed/upgraded image. So I think it is most correct to say that Se7en has undergone evolution and rather than change.” Se7en also said “This is a little gift for the fans who have waited for me”, showing his affection for his fans.

The most memorable episode from preparing this album was when Se7en worked for 20 hours straight with Teddy from the beat, to the lyrics of Better Together. “I discussed with hyung about my opinions and when I first heard the finished song, I was really happy.. I felt “Ah this is the fun in composing and writing lyrics!”

Currently, Se7en is promoting his title song Better Together.

From Osen
Translated by Cecilia


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