[NEWS] 100812 “Show off game”: Se7en “BoA, you wanna play together?”

Lately, netizens have been engaged in a ‘show off battle’ when ppl write and show off about something or pretend to be cool, on social networking sites. Netizens like to use quotes from famous people or upload photos of themselves with poses, trying to look cool.

On the 12th August, Se7en wrote the following on his twitter

“The rain is drizzling outside the window.. I’m on my way to Sokcho… Sleep is not settling in and only the warm sound of the drum beat from the hip 808 from my Ipod is my friend on this long journey..” At the end of this message, he wrote “Is this how you write show off messages? I’m now also Show off ven!” [Note: In Korean, the word for ‘show off’ is heo-se.. so he’s combined heo-se and se-ven and made the word heo-se-ven= Show off ven]

Se7en caught the attention of many when he invited BoA to join in his “Show off game”. Through Twitter, he said to BoA “I’m playing the Show off game, you wanna play together?” BoA replied “What’s that? So oppa has been “Show off ven”?

But later on, Se7en wrote on his Twitter “I’m on my way to Sokcho and because I’m too bored, it seems that I went mentally weird for a bit. Sorry Hurri-hurricane Venus!”

Se7en and BoA are both appearing on the Korean music show in Sokcho today in Sokcho. BoA replied to Se7en on Twitter “Since you have come all the way here, make sure you eat the sashimi.. Better Together~”

Both Se7en and BoA have made comebacks after a long time with “Better Together” and “Hurricane Venus”

News from My Daily
Translation by Cecilia


I love how these two are talking to each other on twitter!! ^^


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