[TWITTER] Se7en’s new tweets!

(1) 무릎이 닿기도 전에 모든걸 꿰뚫어본다는… 그분은 역시…최고였다!!!^^ 에횽~감독님ㅠ 편집 잘좀부탁드려용^^

Translation: Even before it reached my knees, that person could see right through everything.. that person was indeed… the best!!^^ Aihoo~~Director TT Please edit it well^^

(Sorry for the bad translation.. my english is leaving me.. He is referring to his recording of knee drop guru today and i think the person he was referring to was Kang Ho Dong. LOL Kang Ho Dong didnt get the Daesang for nothing!! I hope Mr Director also will edit it well!! Pretty please….)

(2) littlecrab7: @officialse7en S S S Sawaddeeka SE SE SE SE7EN!! tmr I’ll learn Digital bounce dancing from @ganzi78 live from thai reality show!!~ kk

And Dongwookie’s reponse:

officialse7en: @littlecrab7 wow!! Sounds good!!! Plz Take care of him!!! He is ma man!!! Ghost shoes!!!

(3) First of all there was a tweet from 1tym’s Song Baek Kyung to Dongwookie~~

supafunkboy: @officialse7en 너 진짜 동욱이구나~ 이거 너 사칭하는 짜가라고 생각해서 괘씸하다 여겼는데~ㅋㅋ포스 여전하신 울 최이사~ 자동차 쏜살같지?? ㅋㅋ디지를 싸운~ 디지를 바운~ 디지를 엑!쓰

Translation: So you’re really Dongwookie~ I thought it was someone pretending to be you and was disgusted by it~ keke Our director Choi still has the same pose~ Your car is like an arrow isnt it? keke Digital Soun~~ Digital Boun~Digital X!

And this was Dongwookie’s reply:

officialse7en: @supafunkboy 난 진짜 쎄쎄쎄쎄븐~ 조만간 보보보봅숑!!! ^^

Translation: I am really se-se-se-se7en~ Let’s me-me-me-meet soon!!^^

[Note: Dongwookie bought a new Maserati not that long ago.. so ppl around him are still going on about his car lol]

Translated by Cecilia


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