[News] 100729 Se7en makes successful comeback

Se7en, who has returned after 3 years has made a successful comeback with a No 1 win on Mcountdown.

On the 29th, Se7en appeared on Mnet’s Mcountdown in Seoul and performed title song “Better Together” as well as “Digital Bounce” together with TOP from Big Bang.

First of all, Se7en appeared with big sunglasses dressed in a suit to perform “Digital Bounce”. TOP, who appeared together on stage with him made the performance extra special.

The performance of “Better Together” was significantly quicker paced and more powerful. With a pink piece tied around his neck, his clothes left a deep impression together with his short pants. He appeared on stage with a group of male and female dancers and lifted the atmosphere. His voice which has not been heard for a long time was welcomed and gave strength to the stage.

He was up against girl group Miss A’s “Bad girl good girl” who took the No 1 spot last week but rose to take the No 1 for this week.

Se7en will be performing with TOP on the 31st July on MBC and 1st August on SBS.

credit: Se7en Blog


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