[News] Se7en’s set on Mcountdown will take 15 hrs to set up

Earlier today on hello7.com, a notice was put up saying that the comeback stage on Mcountdown will be a private recording with no fans. The reason given was that because this is his first comeback in a long time, they will be spending alot of time on the set and props, therefore making them come up with the decision to make this into a private recording. Below is a related news article.


Se7en is making a comeback.

On Mnet’s Mcountdown which will be airing on the 29th, Se7en will be having his first comeback stage.

On this day, Se7en will be performing ‘Better Together’ and ‘Digital Bounce’ which features Big Bang’s TOP. TOP is appearing on stage with Se7en as a way of cheering him on.

Se7en has recently released ‘Better Together’ online and has been claiming the No 1 on various online sites including Mnet.com.

The producers at Mnet will be preparing a special stage for Se7en which will take 15 hours to set up. Fans will get to see the great live singing skills and powerful dance skills from Se7en, who has come back, changed from a young boy into a real man.

Original article from Osen, translated by Cecilia


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