[NEWS] Se7en, “I wanted to do a duet with Big Bang TOP”

Coming back to home stage after 3 years and 8 month, Singer Se7en expressed his wish of doing a duet with junior singer BIGBANG TOP.

Afternoon on 20th, ‘Se7en Digital Bounce Release Party with Blackberry’ was opened at Club Answer in Chundam Dong, Seoul in celebration of the release of Se7en’s new mini album ‘Digital Bounce’.

In this Se7en album, the title song is ‘Better Together’ and contains eye catching song with TOP’s rap featuring ‘Digital bounce’. In this song where the electric sound catches the ears, TOP’s fierce rap strengthens Se7en’s new song.

At this day, with the announcement of new songs, after a short meeting with the reporters, Se7ven revealed his hopes, he says “I wanted to do a duet or single with TOP together when he first came our as BigBang.”

Se7ven conveyed the closeness with TOP saying “Actually, I’m close to G-dragon or Tae Yang from BigBang because I seen them since when they were very young, but TOP is a junior who I meet up most frequently personally.” Se7en wanted to grab the opportunity to connect with TOP who is very close to him through music as well.

YG Entertainment CEO Hyun Seok Yang have also claimed TOP was passionate about doing music with Se7en. CEO Yang says “TOP must have had also high expectations and fixed rap to Se7en’s song four times. Few days after recording, he came back and wanted to rerecord several times,” expressing TOP’s compassion for Se7en’s new album.

TOP plans to be a reliable full supporter for Se7en on his comeback stage. Coming 29th, starting with Mnet ‘M! Countdown!’, Top will be on all of Se7en’s comeback stages and plans to fill the stages with great performances.

Source: Mydaily
Translated by & Credit: rim21c@21BANGS.com


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