100707 Se7en Day Message: 8th Se7en Day.

Posted July 7, 2010

8th se7en day


Seems like it’s been a really long time ^^

It’s already our 8th July 7th…

I feel very sad that we couldn’t do anything together again this year, following last year…

But let’s anticipate a joyful tomorrow

And put away our disappointment for a while…

I’m almost finished with preparing my album, and after the final inspection I’ll charge immediately!!

Since I have Lucky Se7en (fans) who have been patient and waiting strongly for a very long time,

I think I was able to bear and overcome all the times I felt tired and exhausted, but…

I’m trying to make sure that there won’t be any more times like this when we have to ask for endurance from each other~

I also thought I was going to go crazy because I wanted to come back ^^

From now on I’m going to start over, as if this is really a new beginning…

I’m also going to prepare a lot events where I can approach everyone a little closer~

I’ll try my best to create better music and greater performances!!


There are 2 weeks left now~

I’m sure it’s time that Lucky Se7en, too, need to slowly start moving…??

Aren’t I right?? ^^

Look forward to my new music!!!^^


We’ll be seeing each other a lot soon~


credits: Se7en @ Farineli cafe + bigbangnyuh + http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven


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