[INFO] 060510 Gummy ranks Se7en as the top charming YG guy

Kinda old, but posting it anyways… lol.

Gummy was recently featured for an interview with tvN ENEWS ‘Behind Star’.

And she was asked to rank 7 guys from YG Entertainment according to their charms. And Se7en is ranked #1 with the Big Bang member ranked from #2 to #6 and Yang HyunSeok at #7.

Go under the cut to know what Gummy has to say about the YG boys.

1. Se7en – “Of all the friends here, I know him for the longest time. He is someone who is really optimistic. And a friend whom I can learn a lot from. And he knows how to protect a beautiful love relationship. He is a really manly friend.”
2. TOP – “Many people say our voices sound alike. I talked to TOP’s mother about this before and she said we sound alike and called us the ‘husky siblings’. He is a really cool friend. He is a really loyal and thoughtful friend.”
3. DaeSung – “Really outstanding and talented friend. But he lacks confidence in himself. I thought it was sad, so I hope he can be more confident.”
4. TaeYang – “TaeYang is really someone who only likes music. He’s really fun even though he seems like he is not a fun person. And he can be really funny sometimes, with the members.”
5. GDragon – “Because he is very busy, it has been quite some time back since we had a conversation. Even when we meet, we just greet each other and pass each other by.”
6. SeungRi – “Very cheerful and bright. But I prefer guys who are more on the quiet/restraint side. Personally I hope he becomes a more quiet guy.”
7. Yang HyunSeok – “I think president should concede. To be honest, he is a charming person. But he’s no longer available. “

credit: K Bites


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