[INFO] Boom dissed Se7en in High School

SG Wannabe member Kim Yong-joon revealed that MC and entertainer, Boom had dissed Se7en’s rapping skills in high school. On this week’s episode of SBS “Strong Heart“, Kim Yong-joon explained that Boom was two years his senior at his high school, Ahnyang Arts High School (also known to be Rain’s high school). Back then, Boom was a member of a group called Nuclear, and although he was in high school, he was given special privileges such as growing his hair long, etc.

In their high school, there was a tradition for the freshmen to put on a talent show in front of the juniors. So, in front of Boom who was a junior at the time, Se7en and Kim Yong-joon, freshmen at the time, had to perform. After Se7en’s performance, Boom dissed Se7en’s rapping skills, calling it low-level rap.

Everyone including MC Kang Ho-dong was taken aback, asking again and again if Boom actually had said that to Se7en.

Did Boom actually say that to Se7en? If so, was it justified? With Boom away serving military service for the next two years, this could only be answered by no one other than Se7en himself. Let’s hope he successfully makes a comeback soon and appears on “Strong Heart” to confirm this story.

Source: popseoul
from: willenette@soompi


One Response to [INFO] Boom dissed Se7en in High School

  1. awesome says:

    a lot of people that are now famous went to that same school
    im guessing it was like some sort of performing arts school

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