Se7en Video Spam!

Since Se7en is making a comeback this year and there are no new news/updates about it yet, I decided to share some old clips of Se7en because I know Lucky7 misses him dearly! LOL. So this post is just full of cute/hot clips of Se7en back in the day. hehe. Enjoy! ❤

Se7en Messing with his hair

Old clip, looks like on a radio show. He’s so cute. LOL.

Se7en Self Cam

You all probably remember this! LOL. Se7en’s self cam, talking to the camera in the tub. Singing and being all cute! LOL. ❤

Se7en and Taebin Self Cam

Who misses these two together?! I do! lol.

Se7en & Taebin Pillow Fight

Can you guess who wins? hehe.

Director Choi ❤

Who remembers this? LOL. Everyone loves Director Choi. 😀

Se7en 2003 Bear Dance

He doesn’t really do the bear dance ’til like close to the end… but it’s still fun to watch, Se7en looks so cute in this video. hehe.

SE7EN 24/7 concert Making Film

Wah, makes me miss him even more. lol. Gotta love the drum part, haha. so cute.


Se7en was being mean to TOP and ate his food, LOL. Poor TOP. YG Family love ❤
Se7en sunbae (senior) making his hoobaes (juniors) become better artists. BB's Man Won song at the end. ❤ lol

GD prank calls Se7en

LOL I just love this clip, it’s so funny.

I’ll end this post with this video.
Se7en in Las Vegas

He’s so cute, lol.

Se7en, we all are very excited about your 2010 comeback! We will wait patiently. FIGHTING! ^^


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