[NEWS] Se7en reveals couple photo on Park HanByul’s birthday & Plans for U.S.?

Singer Se7en reveals his love openly for girlfriend Park HanByul!

Se7en posted up a photo on his minihompy on 17th November which is also Park HanByul’s 26th birthday. He posted it in the photo folder called ‘7star’ and wrote, “A photo cut from Byul filming set. happy b’day ^^ ♥”

Fans who visited Se7en’s minihompy congratulated Park HanByul on her birthday but at the same time are also in envy of the couple.

Se7en previously revealed his 7 years love relationship with Park HanByul through a post on his minihompy in June.

He will be peforming on GDragon’s independent concert coming 5th and 6th December and fans will see him perform in Korea after 2 years.


Meanwhile, YG Entertainment revealed that Se7en has been meeting up with a major record company over in the States at least once a week recently for a new start to his American advance.

The YG rep also added that even though Se7en released the single ‘Girls’, it was not really considered as a proper American debut.

And YG will be revealing some good news regarding Se7en’s American advance soon.

Se7en will be taking up a project, promoting in Korea-America-Japan in 2010. His contracts with his overseas entertainment companies have ended and he is presented with new opportunities with signing up with new overseas entertainment companies.

Lastly the YG representative added that Se7en will not only be releasing new albums, he will also be trying out new areas.

credit: KBites


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