[NEWS] Se7en for comeback stage after 2 years on GDragon’s solo concert!

Singer Se7en will return to the Korean stage to perform on GDragon’s solo concert.

Se7en is currently doing the recording works for his upcoming single album which is set to be released early next year. And coming 5th and 6th December, he will be performing as guest appearance for GDragon’s solo concert ‘Shine A Light.

This will be Se7en’s comeback stage in Korea after 2 years, and will be good news for fans who have been looking forward to his comeback stage. Se7en will be performing on terms of friendship between seonbae and hoobae singers with GDragon. And that there is no other special meaning to it.

GDragon has also expressed that while he is looking forward to Se7en’s stage for his concert, he also have the feeling of burden since this is Se7en’s first stage after 2 years break from the Kpop stage.

Currently, Se7en will be staying in the States for about 10 days for various press conference, and Big Bang will be staying in Japan for about 2 weeks for their Japanese promotions.

Se7en said, “Of all things, I thought that I should appear for GDragon’s first solo concert since we have been close since young. I will be practising the songs I will be performing after returning to Korea.”

credit: KBites


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