[INFO] 090702 YG Live TV Mnet

YG LIVE 24hours pirate show Everything about YG Family (Starts on July 2nd @ 5pm with 2ne1)

There were no programs like this before!! The artists you’ve been waiting to see! However the YG Family artist you haven’t been able to see.
Everything about Bigbang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Teddy and YG will be revealed during their separate TV shows.

-Se7en TV: Is a self camera from The States

Big Bang & 2ne1 TV: Their is about just stuff that’s not broadcasted

Gummy TV: Is about preparing for her new album

Teddy TV: There’s a camera in Teddy’s work place so we can see how he works

YG TV: There’s a monitor in yg’s office where he watched over his artists, YG TV will reveal what videos are in that monitor

credit; mnet, taintedtears @ soompi 4 info..jess & beau @ ygworld.net




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