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Signup to become a se7en superfan and you will be eligible for special promotions, giveaways, contests, and exclusive content, news, and much more! SIGN UP NOW! It won’t cost you a penny! ^^


*btw, Se7en is currently in New York!

Official Press Release from Red Queen Media:

Dear Friends,

Asian international superstar, Se7en just released his first U.S. single, “Girls Featuring Lil’ Kim.” We are helping Se7en out in what has become a major grass roots effort to break Se7en in the U.S. market and we’re asking for your help. As Asian Americans, we have a chance to make history here and we believe this cause is worthy of your time.

To help make this happen, we need you to sign up to join the Se7en VIP Email list and then login to the system and invite your friends to sign up also. This list will be used to direct people to downloads, videos and special events which will help us prove how strong the market is for Se7en in the U.S.

Not only will you help us break Se7en, but you will be rewarded by getting the chance to win prizes, downloads, tickets and more.

Go to to learn more and help us break Se7en in the U.S.!

credit: ygworld


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