Se7enWorldWide is now officially open! + Official ‘Girls’ cover!


Se7en’s official website “Se7en WorldWide” is now open! It officially opened on the 24th at 6 PM PAC / 9 PM EST.

When you arrive at the site it shows a very suave and handsome Se7en, and some nice graphics in the background as well. Once you enter the site, you are greeted with a flash video showing pictures of him in his US photoshoot with ‘Girls’ playing in the background. Then it will finally take you to the site where you can browse around and look at his biography, discography, downloads, etc. while the preview of ‘Girls’ plays in the music player at the top of the site. There will also be an official forum for Se7en, but it’s not open yet. How many of you are planning on joining it? I know I am! haha. You can also contact Se7en by filling out a contact form, where you enter in your name, email, and a message for Se7en. There’s also a photo gallery in multimedia and some of the pictures, I’m sure, we’ve all seen already, however, there are a lot that are new and haven’t seen yet. Se7en looks so handsome in the pictures! hehe.

Well you all can have fun looking around his site. Remember that his single ‘Girls’ will be availabe on iTunes on March 10th. Please support Se7en and buy it! ^^

cap + info credit:


credit: official se7en myspace + club se7en


2 Responses to Se7enWorldWide is now officially open! + Official ‘Girls’ cover!

  1. loudmia says:

    o Gosh!! Se7en is so cute!

  2. Mimi Thant says:

    it doesnt work in thailand???

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