[NEWS] YG speaks up about Se7en’s American debut, “We didn’t know the debut will take so long”

YG speaks up about Se7en’s American debut, “We didn’t know the debut will take so long”

YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Seok spoke up about singer Se7en’s (25) American debut in an interview recently.

In the interview, Yang said, “We didn’t know that his debut will take this long and late. Se7en has been practising on his English and singing all this while non-stop.”

He added, “Se7en’s American debut song ‘Girlz’ will be revealed on iTunes and he will release a 2nd single 2-3 months after that. After which, He will be promoting in Japan during July-August and then return back to Korea in October.”

“The digital single ‘Girlz’ is produced by famous producer in American and features rapper Lil Kim. Lil Kim will also appear about 40% of time in the MV. We are not hoping to see the song get into Billboard top 100. We think that to have such great people work on this single is already half of the success.”

About Se7en’s late debut in America, “We didn’t know it will take this long and late. All this while, Se7en has only been practising on his English and singing. We are debuting Se7en 1 year later because we are being careful and constantly analyzing the American market because until now there hasn’t been a successful Asian singer in America.”

“The American market, do not have the weekly music broadcast programs like in Korea, hence MV and radio play is very important here. Would you want to make an MV that shows an imperfect language, image and music style that is influenced by other music and then all rejected by your target market? We want Se7en’s music and MV to be an inspiration when it is broadcasted.”

We see many Asian actors making their way into the American market like Kim Yoon Jin, but many a times their success depends on the character and role they play in the movie/show and they are often chosen because of their Asian origins.

“But for singers, it is the fine line of victory or defeat. That’s why we have Lil Kim to support the acceptance of song ‘Girlz’. Se7en’s 2nd single will also have the particiation of a famous American artiste.”

“I keep telling Se7en, ‘You are not a Korean star here, you are purely a new singer’. America is not a country made of money. You got to enter with the type of music the market wants and with the right language-grasp. You also need to strategies by working with the local music firms and talents.”

credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/ + https://clubse7en.wordpress.com/


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