[NEWS] Se7en’s US debut will be on March 4th.


Singer Seven’s debut date on March 4th is confirmed.

Seven was planning on releasing his debut song ‘Girls’ on Feb. 14, but delayed his debut to prepare for the promotion of his album.

On the 12th, during the phone call with Newsen and Seven’s agency, YG Entertainment, they mentioned “We’ve decided to release the song on March 4th.” On the same day the teaser for the music video will be released. Also on this date the song will also be released in Japan and Korea.

One staff mentioned, “The release date of the song has been delayed because we needed more time to prepare for Seven’s album promotion in the States. Also, we’re going to raise the quality of the song more.”

For the last two years, Seven has been living in the States preparing for his album. Now finally, the date for his US debut has come to reality.

Seven’s debut song ‘Girls’ has been produced by the famous producer Dark Child. Dark Child is a top producer who’s worked with Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears etc. Also America’s popular rapper Lil Kim has featured in this song. These two people are showing themselves in the music video with no payment.

After Seven’s debut and some promotion in the States for a certain amount of time, he’s planning on coming back to Korea for activities. This is for his fans that have waited for a long time.


Same info as article 1 with extra details:

Seven, who already has many fans in Japan, is planning on going to Japan after July for his grand promotions. Also, Seven’s planning on doing activities in Korea for a short amount of time near the end of this year.

Translation credit: Beau @ ygonelove / http://ygonelove.wordpress.com
Credit: YG World


One Response to [NEWS] Se7en’s US debut will be on March 4th.

  1. guyero says:

    is it really is it?? hope so.. hahaha.. cant wait for the album!!

    aja aja fighting.!!

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