[PICS] Se7en in KoreAM Magazine

wahhh! I have got to find this magazine!!! Se7en is on the cover!! wahh!!! haha… okay, calm…. XD ahhh! hehe. sorry had to let it out.
Oppa looks super suave and handsome! there’s only 5 pictures, but still worth to look at! 😀

*click for full view!


Pictures of Se7en in the January 09 edition of KoreAM Magazine were recently released. He’s also on the cover of the magazine with the text: “Will the K-Pop Star get Lucky?” I suppose they feel similar to the feelings of many of our other writers here. The feeling that Se7en won’t really make it in this market unless he stumbles upon (gets lucky) with a hit song. KoreAM also conducted a interview with Se7en, it should be up on their website soon.

credit: Seoul Update + Se7en World + Club Se7en


3 Responses to [PICS] Se7en in KoreAM Magazine

  1. ariel says:

    SEXY Se7en Cant wait till his album come out.
    If he is sucessful it will pave the way for more of my fav kpop stars to come to here and try!!!
    I also like Boa song with flo rida its different.

  2. even says:

    wo this is so nattiness . you are so hand

  3. Stan says:

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