LaLaLa done in sign language

Very interesting, as I have never seen a korean song done in sign language, definitely a first for me, hehe. I think this guy is a new fan of Korean music, this video was done this year on the 7th so yeah… and he said that he will be doing more korean songs, so can’t wait to see those. ^^ Also I think the video is a little bit out of sync, but it’s still cool to watch.

credit: jneiderer


2 Responses to LaLaLa done in sign language

  1. fahlee says:

    dude dis is wickedd kwelnesss ahhhhh xD
    thanks for sharin !!

    umm btw, do you happen to have the la la la in englishh?? i just heard it on YT & omgg i want it but i cant seem to find it XD

  2. julie says:

    nope I don’t have it, it’s hard finding that version >.< lol. but if or when I find I will definitely share it ^^

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