[NEWS] Korean activities in later half of 2009


2009 is set to be a busy year for Se7en.

To usher the year ahead, Se7en is set to shoot the music video for his debut US single “Girls” on December 8 in Los Angeles. Lil Kim, Three 6 Mafia, and Darkchild are planned to make cameos in the said music video.

Moreover, on the 13th, Se7en is to hold a pre-release single party in a club in Seattle. By January-February of next year, Se7en’s single “Girls” is planned to be released as a digital single. Its music video is also slated to be aired around that time.

This year, Se7en focused on learning English, working on music, and assimilating himself in the U.S. According to YG Entertainment, compared to others, Se7en was able to quickly pick up on the language.

The coming year will also be a good one for Se7en fans in Korea for Se7en is scheduled to be active in his homeland in the latter half of 2009.

“Se7en is planned to release a mini album or studio album in Korea in the latter half of 2009. Though that’s still subject to change, this news is going to be something to look forward to by the Korean fans who have been waiting for a long time,” YG Entertainment announced.

credits: stoo + http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/


2 Responses to [NEWS] Korean activities in later half of 2009

  1. ~MiCo~ says:

    finally his going to be alive next year!! woohoo!!

    thanks for the posting.. ^^,

  2. marbella says:


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