Se7en Article from The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times website published an article on Se7en’s upcoming appearances here in Seattle. There’s also a very short audio interview attached to the article where Se7en talks about coming here and thanking everyone for their support (the interview is done in both English and Korean)

quoted from: hockeysangel01@7radishkimchi LJ


Se7en, a Korean pop superstar, pays a visit to the Seattle area

By Marian Liu

Seattle Times staff reporter
Fans swarmed the Korean pop star’s show in California. And now, Choi Dong Wook, known as Se7en, will take on Washington.
“Nobody hates the number 7,” Se7en said about his favorite number. “I want to be everyone’s luck. I want to give them luck from my music.”
The 25-year-old has won nine Korean Music Awards (equivalent to Grammys), as well as Most Popular Korean Singer (MTV Asia Awards). In addition, he’s sold out shows in both South Korea and Japan, in arenas that sit 20,000. And after four albums in South Korea and two albums in Japan, he’s ready for the states.
“My music is pop and R&B, so the music that I love is born here, in America,” said Se7en, who has been singing since age 5. “In Asia, every singer, their best dream is America.”
Se7en is coming to Washington for the first time this week, performing in Seattle at Fremont Studios Saturday and signing autographs in Federal Way on Sunday. After more than 3,000 people showed up for his Highlands Night Club concert last May in Hollywood, who knows how many Seattle-area fans will turn out? More than 1,000 queued up for San Francisco and Orange County signings, arriving as early as 7 a.m. for autograph sessions that started at 2 in the afternoon.
“It’s really like, so special, that I’m here in America, not Asia, but still people know me and people are supporting me,” said Se7en. “That kind of thing is really like an honor, and I’m so thankful about that.”
With hip-hop-flavored dancing skills, an R&B taste and Michael Jackson-inspired clothes, Se7en is like a pop-ier Justin Timberlake. Over the past year and a half, Se7en has settled in Los Angeles, working on a self-produced American debut album all in English, set for release in February.
“It was pretty hard. I’m still working on my English,” said Se7en, who describes himself as a hardworking, happy person.
The singer has a hit-making team that includes Grammy Award-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (who has worked with pop stars like Beyoncé, Ludacris and Michael Jackson) and Noize Trip (who produced Fergie and Pink). They created a hip-hop-funk-R&B album, with Se7en collaborating with such rappers as Fabolous and Three 6 Mafia. And Se7en’s first single, set for release next month, is with Lil’ Kim.
“I want to show them something from Asian culture, something fresh, something new,” said Se7en. “Me and Lil’ Kim come together — isn’t it kind of fresh?”
He is looking for an American major label to work with, and if successful, he could be the first Korean artist of his caliber to break into this market.
“Music is just music — music is universal,” said Se7en. “I don’t think it matters where I’m from. It doesn’t matter my face color. … I want to show them just my music, then my singing, my dancing, my performing — that’s the point.”

credit: source + hockeysangel01@7radishkimchi LJ + Club Se7en


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