Today is a very special day! It’s a day of celebration for the birth of Se7en! hehe.
It’s kinda late here and I’m tired T-T so I won’t be posting much now… I’ll try to edit later.

Anyways, time for some spazzing and birthday wishes!

Se7en Birthday Event (2005)

The fans dedicated the songs that they wanted to listen to and Se7en sang those songs on the spot without the music. Just shows how dedicated and awesome he is!! haha.

Songs he sings:
1. Chiriboshi
2. wishy washy
3. Ahra (I Know)
4. Ddeugo Shipji Ahneun Mal(What I Don’t Want to Hear)
5. Honey I know

credit: lemonlove7

My Birthday Message to Se7en!
I wish you luck and happiness in the near future!
Hope that you are resting well and keeping yourself healthy!
All of your fans in the states are waiting patiently on your debut.
We wish you the best of luck and we will support you all the way!
Se7en HWAITING! Keep on doing your best and never give up!!

You have matured in many ways and we see it through your hard work and dedication.
Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us fans, you are really AWESOME! hehe.
Lucky Se7en will be supporting you through thick & thin, so always know that.
We love you Se7en! Happy Birthday! <33

Se7en HWAITING! ^^


more later…


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