Girls [FULL AUDIO!!!]

OMG!! The whole song is out! I’m guessing that means his debut is coming soon~! Ahh~~!! haha. Anyways, the whole song is 3 minutes and 41 seconds. Finally we get to hear the second verse instead of just the first verse and the chorus, haha. I’m loving this song, his vocals never disappoint me!! XD Anyways~ Enjoy the loveliness~ can’t wait for his album! ^^

*SONG REMOVED! You’ll just have to wait for his album to come out!

“I wish I had a clone machine, then I could make 6 more of me~”

OMG! Yes please!! XD haha. A Se7en for everyday of the week 😀 ❤

credit: marvin vibez + Se7enth Heaven + minnie\m/@Radiant


One Response to Girls [FULL AUDIO!!!]

  1. lyn says:

    i was on utube and saw the clip, but it was only the audio and i was like OH MY BUDDHA!! some ppl were like its leaked..didnt know if it was or not..but im glad to hear the whole song…

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