Se7en and his album release

Singer Se7en (24) will be releasing his American album, actualizing his advance into the American market.

A press conference on his American advance was held in November 2006. And this year in May, he did a preview party in LA Hollywood. And now it is announced that Se7en will be releasing a 12-tracks album this year end, advancing into the American record market for real.

Also lately on the network website MySpace, an official homepage for Se7en was also opened where the announcement on the album release was made. On the homepage, it was also stated that the producers to the 12-tracks album are Rich Harrison, Noize Trip and 1TYM’s Teddy.

Also other artistes who participated in the album like Three 6 Mafia, Grammy award-winning Lil Kim and Far East Movement etc. With his new album release, it is also planned that Se7en will be going a 5-city concert tour in America and then possibly a world concert tour after that.

On the other hand, another Korean singer who is planning to advance into the American market – BoA will be releasing her American debut single ‘Eat You Up’ on 11th October.

credit: kbites + asian fanatics + Club Se7en


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