Digital music’s turning point: Se7en’s “Crazy”

It has been 10 years since digital music was born.

Jo PD started the music revolution in 1998 and since then, the music market has changed. Albums started going downhill while digital music reigned supreme.

Effects of digital music varied. Because of digital music, mobile communication companies take the majority of income and singers and producers get shortchanged. Consumers also get to purchase the song they wish to have unlike in albums, where they have to get them even though they only want one song in it.

Jo PD’s “Break Free,” being the pioneer of it all, Lee Hyo Ri’s “Anymotion,” and Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” were selected as few of the important digital songs in the past 10 years. But there is one song that needs to be also mentioned here. It is Se7en’s “Crazy,” which was released in 2004. In music history, it is the first to have extensive promotions through performances and become a hit digital single.

In only 2004, singers like Lee Soo Young, DJ DOC, Sung Si Kyung, Brown Eyed Soul, Lee Hyo Ri, Shinhwa, Park Hwayobi released digital singles but promotions were not done and consequently, their singles did not become hits.

Six years passed since the first digital single was released but singers’ activities were only focused on promoting their albums. But the success of Se7en’s “Crazy” became a turning point in the music market.

After “Crazy,” digital singles suddenly boomed. More digital music is being released, promoted and more money is invested in it. Digital music is certainly taking over the music market. However, little by little, the album market is being revived to bring back the glory it once had.

credits: osen +


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