Over 1,000 visits!

LOL yes, Club Se7en has finally reached it’s 1,000 visit marker! YAY! Thank you all who come here to visit, I’m glad that you all like this blog. hehe. I’ll try my very best to update about Se7en as much as I can. Who’s ready for Se7en’s US debut?! I know I am! haha.

And for getting over 1,000 visits, here’s a subbed video of Se7en that I just finished a couple of days ago! haha. I posted this earlier, it’s Se7en’s “Ari no mama” PV but my old youtube account got deleted and I made a new account which I’ll upload a variety of videos, maybe, don’t know yet, haha. But it’s a lot different than the first one I did, I like this one better, it has the english and romaji lyrics, so enjoy! ^^

trans & romaji: http://se7enth-heaven.co.nr
subbed by: Me! ^^ http://www.youtube.com/JUL7EN
the subs look small on youtube, watch it in HQ on my youtube ^^


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