YG stands up for Se7en

Yang Hyun-suk wrote: “Se7en stopped his activities in Korea and Japan to go to the US, but he didn’t do that to increase his popularity (in Korea and Japan) by creating a buzz about his crossover.”

He then added: “The fans have been complaining because there has been little news on Se7en. There was even an article about Se7en having problems with people at YG entertainment.”

Why is there such a lack of news on one of South Korea’s most illustrious entertainers? Yang Hyun-suk had a ready answer to the question.

He explained: “YG entertainment is basically not good at using the media but now we just try not to release news about him (to help him).”

Yang Hyun-suk concluded his message by saying, “Se7en did not go to the States only to help increase his popularity (in Korea and Japan). And we are only being cautious about his crossover (that’s why we do not report details on his current situation in the US), so please excuse us.”

Se7en’s English debut album was tentatively set for release on July 7, 2008. However, the date has come and gone and there’s still no news on the 24-year-old singer.

In May 2008, a few promo parties were thrown in the US to generate hype about his “soon-to-be-released” album. Up until now (August), there isn’t any info on Se7en and his American debut.

source: newsen
translations: Joe Gimm
credit: asian fanatics + https://clubse7en.wordpress.com/


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