FAQ for Foreign Applicants

[FAQ for Foreign Applicants]

1. Should I register to ygfamily.com before applying to LUCKYSE7EN?

Those who doesn’t have ygfamily.com ID must register to ygfamily.com.

Unless an applicant register to ygfamily.com, the applicant can’t enjoy the benefit of membership

– Once you register to ygfmaily.com, you are able to log in to hello7.com.

2. Can I log in to ygfamily.com with ID in YG JAPAN?

– YG JAPAN ID cannot be used. Please make ID under ygfamily.com

3. Can I change the ID I’ve registered?

– No, even administrator can’t change your registered ID.

If you want to change your ID, then please secede from ygfamily.com, and re-register

to ygfamily.com

– Besides ID, such information as address, e-mail alias, phone number, and other personal
information can be changed in [MODIFY] of ygfamily.com

4. I can’t log in to [LUCKYSE7EN ZONE] in Hello7.com

– LUCKYSE7EN ZONE is accessible only for members of 5th LUKCYSE7EN Fan Club members.

Foreign applicants can access to LUCKYSE7EN ZONE after we confirm the payment.

(It normally takes 2-3 days to be able to login to LUCKYSE7EN ZONE after an applicant

send the payment confirmation mail.)

[Enrollment procedure for foreign applicants]

Please note that foreign applicants cannot log in to ygfamily.com right away,
even though the applicants finished with registration.

After our administrator confirms the information of the applicants, the administrator will take careof your enrollment procedure.

Since it will normally take 1-2 days to confirm the information, please do not register repeatedly
even though you can’t log in to ygfamily.com.

Please note that the administrator can’t approve your application without verifying ID Card Image.

– ID Card Image: Please attach the image of your passport page with your name and

photo on.

Those who don’t have a passport, you can substitute a passport with either your Driver’s License, or Student ID card.

(Please note that we want to verify your name in English, so please provide us with any ID card that shows your name in English.)

– RESIDENT ID NO: It’s not a required field, so you don’t have to fill it.


credits: cafe.hello7 + http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/


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