Se7en knows Twitch?

Twitch is that break dancer guy from the dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. I just found out today that he knows Se7en, cause he rehearsed/danced with him. Twitch’s name is in Se7en’s profile under Music/MVs/Choreography/CFs. It says;

-Twitch from Robson Wade Project has helped with the choreography for Se7en’s third album (I Know; Nan Arayo). He also taught Big Bang with their dance moves.

Here are two videos of him with Se7en. And I’m sure a lot of us have seen these videos hundreds of times, lol.

[2005] Se7en & Twitch – Dance Practice

[2005] GDYB, Se7en, & Twitch – Fast Dance

credit; Flareia@youtube

Twitch even has his on youtube account;


2 Responses to Se7en knows Twitch?

  1. tam says:

    NO WAY! THIS IS SO COOL!! i was so glad twitch didn’t get eliminated last thursday on so you think you can dance asjdfk;eo

  2. Chantelle says:

    OMG. I’ve watched this before and just never put two and two together. That’s really cool and gives me another reason to love Twitch! lol

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