Happy Se7en Day! / S.E.7.E.N L.E.T.T.E.R

First off I just want to say HAPPY SE7EN DAY to everyone! It’s also my birthday… so me and the fam will be going out to lunch today! yay! haha. So I’ll do a post dedicated to Se7en later on. ^^ But to start off, here’s a letter from Se7en. 😀

S.E.7.E.N L.E.T.T.E.R

Title: Is it July the 7th?

It’s the 6th here..^^

Hello~ Lucky Se7en!!
It’s been a long time!
It’s me!!
I wonder if everyone is well~

This year Se7en Day has come~~
It’s been already a year since last year’s 777 concert~~ [referring to the 7rhythm concert]
Kind of blurry towards those memories
So took out my 747 dvd to watch, which had been accumulating dust (did not bring 777dvd~^^)
I have become more and more eager to sing with everyone on stage as soon as I can~
(Lately my body has been tingling, so it’s driving me crazy~)

Besides my body tingling (itching to perform), I’ve been up doing very well~
About my news which everyone is curious about~
The US album that everyone is the most curious about~
The album will take slightly longer to be released than planned
But it will be better than can be imagined~
We are not going by the plan from the beginning,
But have set up a new plan so that I can debut in a better environment
So please wait a bit more~
It seems I will be able to give everyone good news~

Actually, although my mouth is itchy (like bursting to tell more),
Today I’m greeting everyone not as Director Choi, but as Se7en
So I’ll hold it a bit more~^^

I will be back as Director Choi soon!!!



This year it’s a really quiet Se7en Day~
July 7th which to others is just a day that passes by…
Let’s revive past memories in our hearts and again make this a special day just for us!!!


credits: Se7en @ Hello7 + cecilia & chrissejin @ soompi + jasminewiz @ http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven/


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