[ANNOUNCEMENT] Lucky Se7en Tumblr!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I probably won’t be updating this blog anymore. I’ve been on tumblr most of the time, it’s just easier to update and it’s fast. So if you want quick updates on Se7en, go to luckse7en.tumblr.com!



Se7en Subbing Squad! JOIN NOW!


I’ve been debating about making a Se7en Subbing Squad to english sub Se7en videos/shows that he’s been on, because I know that there are old and new Se7en fans who would love to see the shows with Se7en subbed. I know that there have been a couple of subbed clips of Se7en out already, but I like to watch the entire show because it’s more entertaining and funny rather than just watching cuts and not knowing what’s going on.

So made my final decision and I made a forum for it! So please go join and if you would like to help, APPLY! I would greatly appreciate your help! SO PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!


It’s the 9th in Korea so technically it’s Se7en’s birthday, lol. This is the banner I made 😀 (Please don’t steal/edit!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SE7EN! Hope you have a fun and awesome time! You have worked very hard this year and I’m thankful for all of the hard work you put into all that you do! ^^ Oppa, when times get tough, stay strong and don’t give up! Lucky Se7en will always be here supporting you. Stay healthy and I can’t wait to hear new music from you!! ^^ I love you! FIGHTING! ^^

Happy Se7en Day everyone! 😀
♥ Julie

[PICS] Officials photos from Actress Butler

credit: MBC + CeciliaSe7en

[MV] Se7en – I’m Going Crazy (Starring Park Han Byul)

Hey guys, I’m know I’m kinda late on posting this here, but I’ve posted it earlier on my Lucky Se7en tumblr… I’ve been busy with school, so updating may be really slow, there are other great and fast sources on Se7en, the best one is Cecilia’s Blog!

I may or may not continue updating this site, but for now I’ll be on hiatus… sorry to disappoint, but just want to say thank you to all of my visitors and people who leave comments 🙂

– Julie

[PERF] 100905 Digital Bounce on Inkigayo

[PERF] 100905 Digital Bounce Music Core (Incheon Korean Wave Concert)